• 1 Full duplex communication Intercom from Rider to passenger.

  • 2 Boom Mic headsets with Dual Helmet Speakers.

  • Connector Cable for music input.

  • Belt Clip

  • 2 Volume Control Cords

  • Uses 2 'AAA' batteries (est. 20 hour life)

  • Tested upto 60 mph


The TORK Ridemate is a very compact Rider/Passenger intercom that allows communication between rider and passenger.
The Main intercom unit offers full duplex communication. (Both Rider and Passenger can communicate at the same time).

In addition to communicating the Ridemate also allows the input of a music device (CD, MP3 etc.). Adding a music device will allow both Rider and Passenger to listen to music. The system includes a music cable and 2 volume control cords. Just add your music device.

This New Ridemate incorporates full headsets with noise reduction boom microphones and Dual Slim helmet speakers. The New headsets offer improved noise reduction at highway speeds and better music audio with Dual helmet Speakers.

Using the intercom is simple. Velcro the speakers and mic into the helmet. Connect the headsets into the Intercom, clip the intercom to your belt clip or pocket. Turn the system to ON and start communicating.

The Ridemate motorcycle intercom system provides an economic answer for rider to passenger communication without delay, static and interference.

Intercom Dimensions: 2.5" x 2" x .5" (inches)

Reg. $99.99 Sold out