The Starcom1 Advance is designed for easy hands free operation and offers value, comfort and safety that is second to none. The Starcom1 Advance is a Motorcycle intercom that allows a Rider to communicate with the Passenger while riding a motorcycle. This device also connects to multiple devices such as a music player, GPS, Cellular Phone and a two way radio.. This small, credit card size (2” X 3” X 1”) unit is upgradeable at any time to allow for Bike to Bike communications using a number of available radios. If your cell phone has auto answer capability, as most do, we offer cables and/or a Blue Tooth adapter so you can connect your mobile phone as well. The Starcom1 Advance also has an input for GPS navigation and radar detection systems.

You can choose from 5 different headset options. Full face helmet, open face helmet and even a helmet set that allows earbud speakers (PP-04 & PP-06) and you can mix and match these options.


• Volume is increased automatically when ambient noise increases
• Rider to passenger balance control
• Stereo music input
• Automatic music mute system when receiving phone calls or navi/radar prompts
• Rider and passenger mic sensitivity controls

Each Starcom1 Advance kit comes with the following:• A DC fitting kit connect the Starcom to your bikes electrical system
• 2 helmet sets (Choice of Open face or Closed face) with noise reducing microphones
• A helmet set extension lead for each helmet
• A complete instruction manual

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